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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I order my graduation products?
A. Orders can be placed at school on designated ordering dates, by mail, fax or directly “on line” at www.premiergradproducts.com

Q. How will my graduation products be delivered?
A. Graduation products will be delivered to you at school on designated day. This date will be published at school in advance of the actual date.

Q. What are graduation announcements?
A. Graduation announcements are custom designed for each school. Announcements are a formal way of honoring the graduate’s accomplishments. They are sent to both friends and relatives announcing the date, time and location of the graduation ceremony.

Q. What is included with my graduation announcements?
A. Each graduation announcement includes an inner formal envelope and outer mailing envelope. The personalized name card is not included with the graduation announcement. Name cards are sold separately and used to personalize each announcement.

Q. What is included with my cap, gown and tassel?
A. The price of the cap and gown unit includes a standard tassel. The color of the cap and gown is determined by your school.

Q. How do I measure for my cap and gown?
A. You will need to record your height and weight on the order form. The cap is “one size fits all”. No measurement is required.

Q. Is there a deadline to order my graduation products using the original order form?
A. Each school designates their deadline. Check with your school. Orders received after this deadline date will be processed using an “Extended Deadline Order Form”.

Q. Is there a deadline to order my class ring?
A. No…class rings may be ordered anytime.

Q. How can I order my class ring?
A. You may order at school during the designated ring ordering days, by mail, fax or “online” at www.premiergradproducts.com

Q. How long does it take to get my ring after it has been ordered?
A. Average ring delivery is 8 weeks. Rings will be shipped to you when the balance due is paid.